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Gotta get this shit together!


Hey yo,

I was on duty the other night. I had the phone from 7 pm until 7 am the next morning. Not too bad, but the other aspect of being on duty is doing “rounds” at 8 pm, 10 pm, 12 am and 2 am(Fridays and Saturdays).uck.

My Tuesdays look something like this: class 10 am-1115 am, RA staff meeting 12-1 pm, work 1-3 pm, class 3-5 pm. UGH.

Anyways, obviously I would have no time to accomplish anything on Tuesday. Monday rolls around, I’m on duty and I realize I have a project due Tuesday at 3. SHIT.

This is the worst feeling in the world. I tried with every ounce of me to do this project, but every time I start to get into doing a chunk of my project, it is time to get up and do rounds again. Walking through the entire residence hall takes about a half an hour, so each time I come back to sit down I have an hour and a half  to get back in the groove before getting back up and doing another round.

I suppose you could call that my “I can’t take it anymore” face.

It was the first and last time I will ever let this happen. I did not go to bed until 3, and when I did go to bed it was not because I had finished my work. told myself I’d get up at 7 to work on it and get it done. HA. Did not happen.

Keep in mind I’m suffering from a severe case of 5th year senioritis.

I ended up going to class to present off the top of my head and handed in the paper later that evening after class. Good work Kir.

My suggestion for all RAs: Have one calendar with both duty shifts and major assignment due dates in it. Make sure you check that calendar and pay attention to whether or not the two will overlap! It will honestly save your mind from so much frustration.

That is all.

Do Good.

<3 Kir


Resident’s Guide: What NOT to do


Hey fellow res-lifers,

I suppose I need to get a few things off my chest about what really irritates the bodily fluids out of me. There are certain things that residents do, that just should not be done. Some are from a fed up neighbor perspective as others are straight from the RA perspective. Oh. And for those residents/non-RAs reading this, RA’s are most likely fed up with a lot more than you possibly know. Don’t get me wrong. Most of us truly love our job and the rewarding things that come with it, but honestly the things people do… I’m sure you will all get plenty of stories along the way, but I will start with a simple, What not to do list.

1. Do not gather together in the quiet wing and cackle about your ex boyfriend’s man-boobs. We do not want to hear it, and it’s a quiet wing for a freaking reason.

2. Do not beat the poor innocent door’s push bar when exiting the hall. Again, we do not want to hear it. The door doesn’t want to feel it, and it’s really not necessary. The door will open when pushed lightly. I promise.

3. Do not let your lack of hygiene, laundry, and overall cleanliness go to the point of odor travelling down the entire corridor. Believe me when I say this, we do not want to smell it. Girl, you don’t even want to smell it. Oh, and it’s a real awkward conversation for staff member and a resident to have.

4. Do not bring up politics and religion at every meal. People won’t sit with you.

5. Do not practice Irish jigs or basketball dribbling when you live on any level above the 1st floor. It’s rude and we do not want to hear it.

I don’t know if you can tell but I hate noise.

6. Do not rely on your roommate to wake you up for class. She is not your mom, she did not sign up to pretend to be your mom and she has her own self to worry about.

7. Do not throw your trash in the kitchen waste basket. The garbage room is about 30 extra steps, and it is simply polite to keep your tampons out of the kitchen trash.

8. If you see an open window when you are walking around the outside of the residence hall please do not proceed to egg it. College students are supposed to be adults.

9. No. Why would you ever think it is ok to sit in the computer lab while the fire alarms are going off? Are you going to blame the school when you get burned in a fire too?

10. A fire hose closet and a fire exit stairwell are two silly places to store 4 bed frames and a dresser. Don’t store things in places that are supposed to save our lives someday. I’d like to live, thanks.

Don’t do it.

<3 Kir

Pinterest Show and Tell!


Hey guys!

So, I am pretty pumped about my semester long program that I have planned for this fall. Right. Semester long. Fantastic. Well aside from gluing myself to the same place every other Thursday for the next three and a half months… it will be a really fun program! For real, it will be great.

I call this, ongoing seemingly never-ending however exceptionally awesome, event…(drum roll please)… Pinterest Show and Tell!

Alright, so because Pinterest is a website that has recently become the equivalent to freaking sliced bread, I will clarify what it is before those of you, who have not heard of it, are completely confused by the gibberish I will be throwing at you.

Pinterest is a website that people can use like a bulletin board. Users choose which categories of pin boards they want and browse through Pinterest and other websites to pin things and ideas that they want to remember or try. Sigh. You get the idea.

So the way I set this program up seems to be working really well. I gave each Thursday a category from the Pinterest website, such as: Health & Fitness, Humor, Hair & Beauty, Celebrities, Fashion, Food & Drink… you get it, I know. You can pick the ones that suit your residents best, because I am pretty sure that almost all male res-halls wouldn’t want to have a hair and beauty night. But hey, you never do know…

Onward. At every Pinterest Show and Tell the residents bring a pin that they found on Pinterest. Genius, right? If a few of the residents don’t have a Pinterest account you can have them bring in their own ideas they found on the internet or they can just come and learn from their neighbors! I host this event in one of our smaller lounges in the hall and have everyone sit in a circle. More cozy that way. Then we go around the circle and share what we brought. It’s most exciting on the Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty, or even Health & Fitness day because the things people bring to share are more hands on or yummy!

The one Pinterest Show and Tell event I had so far was Health & Fitness and oh man, it was fun! We all brought in exercises and workouts to share with the group. The best part was watching everyone try to do all the moves, especially me. I think people will come to the next one just to see me try to do something… I’m not the smoothest of criminals.

The last part of the event is a “Pin It!” board. I hung a big piece of yellow butcher paper with the words “Pin It!” in red outside of the lounge where I host the event.I have all the pins that residents bring posted there for everyone to check out!

Well that’s about all I have for you today. Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions, or especially if you try it out!

Thanks for stopping by… Hope I didn’t scare you away!

<3 Kir