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Squirrel Tail Parachutes!


Well, that’s just a fantastic shot.

What’s up guys! Well the 15th of the month has passed, and I have updated my bulletin board once again. Whew. Sorry this post is a little late, but shit happens.

Can you guess what my board is about?

If I could leave it this way, I would!

But I can’t. So I won’t. Each board has to be educational. If you are having a brain fart and need inspiration for a bulletin board I suggest “googling” the month you’re making the board in. For instance, this board was created in October. I googled October and came up with a bunch of different “Awareness Months “. It took me, uh, 12 minutes to find one that suited my quirky personality.

Sneak peak of the corner…

I transferred these die cut leaves from my first board to this second board! Awesome time saver. Also, I tacked ribbon around the edges to cover up my imperfect edges! :)

Squirrel Dude!

This is my friend “Squirrel Dude”. I first introduced him to my floor on my first board. I then decided it was quite necessary to carry him through the semester with us! So, here he is. Coincidentally, my board is about:

Squirrel Awareness Month!


I filled the board with interesting facts! Did you know squirrels use their tails as parachutes if they fall?! Woah baby that is so cool. Right? I have to get me one of those tails. Anyways, I also threw some adorable photos of squirrels up there as well.

Alright. I just wanted to show you all what I’ve been up to! :)

Stay Squirrely.

Praying for Sandy’s victims.

<3 Kir




Duty Cooties


Circle circle dot dot, now I have the cootie shot.–Felt this way when we “equally divided up duty(cooties).”  That is when I thought,

” Okay, I have 5 other RAs splitting duty with me in the hall… not so bad, right?”

Circle circle, square square, now I’ve got ’em everywhere!–Feel this way every time I look at my calendar.  Cooties freaking everywhere. I believe it tends to go a little something like this: I’m on duty on a Tuesday, I survive. I look on my calendar on Wednesday and I’m on duty on Thursday. Then I discover I’m on duty the following Monday and then Thursday again and then I have weekend duty! oh for the love of the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty. It’s like my calendar keeps accumulating cooties and all I want to do is slow down the days in between, you know the ones without the cooties! Uck!

Weekend duty cooties. The worst.

So this last weekend was “Fall Break” at my school. This means that (all) three/four of the Friday classes that we do have… have off and we resume on Monday. Great break, guys. Thanks! So I guess everyone went home this weekend. Maybe just the label, “Fall Break” makes people think its something spectacular unlike the other weekends of the same length. (Except for the three Friday class people). Anyways there was a total of seven open doors, Friday and Saturday combined. This did not make for much social action. :/

I did try to keep myself busy by studying for the GRE. (Congrats to PotentialProf who completed the GRE!) You’ve encouraged me to embrace the exceptionally frightening process! Thanks!

I calculated my pace out to learning 20 vocabulary cards a day until the day of the test (Nov. 17th) to have a word bank stuffed in my noodle, ready to rock and roll the day of the test!

I’ve got a plethora of vocab cards!

I suppose that’s all. Hope I didn’t pass the cooties along to anyone.

Lesson of the day?–Don’t let the cooties get ya down, It’s a job…A job that allows you to study a plethora of things while on duty!

Circle Circle, dot dot now you’ve got the cootie shot. :]

<3 Kir

I Took That Fire Down!


Woah. By far coolest session of RA training thus far! You might be thinking, as many of us have, why after midterms? Why wait til a half of semester’s worth of potential fires has elapsed? Well, people are busy, schedules conflict… everything that we all deal with on a daily basis occurs. But we did it! That is all that matters. Get over it!

We gained quite a bit of  information, like different kinds of fires, different kinds of fire extinguishers, and proper techniques to effectively put out a fire with a five-pound fire extinguisher! Yeeeeha!

Five Pounder!

I was excited at first that we only had to use the five-pound extinguishers. Honestly, each extinguisher looks about 12.5 lbs heavier then it is in reality, and for that reason I wanted the lightest one I could get!

Watching people try to put out their fires with ten pound extinguishers, and fail… Well, it was in that moment that the dark secret of extinguishing… was exposed: the lighter the extinguisher, the less cold, white foam you had to work with. Yikes… do you know what that means? We do not have much upper hand against blazing flames.

I mean since I could see the fire being lit and I was standing with the pin pulled…I took that fire down like a freakin champNot that difficult… 

Then the instructor reminded us that generally in a real fire situation… we don’t have the privilege of knowing that the fire is being lit and us instantly being there ready to put it out… We will most likely run out white stuff before the fire is out. No big deal.

I don’t really have anything to teach you in this post, but I guess if you’re contemplating whether or not to actually attend your fire extinguishing training… Do it!

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”–Daniel J. Boorstin

Thanks for stopping in!

<3 Kir

Two Mice and a Bat


This post, if you couldn’t tell by the title, is about rodents and cave residing animals and unfortunately this fall is crawling with the fuzzy things.

To start off, I would like to explain to those who are less familiar with the RA’s responsibilities, just how broad the list of duties is. Speaking of duty, this is what we call our “on call nights”. The phrase, “I’m on duty” is the most overused phrase in the RA vocabulary. The fantastic part about living inside of my head is listening to my mind say “doooody doody doody”, anytime I hear someone say duty. Tantalizing experience. Let me tell you.

Back on topic! A resident assistant is most often compared to the following positions (list is limited for your sanity): police officer, mother, babysitter, planner, decorator, friend, mediator, mentor, therapist and exterminator. There are so many roles and tasks that RAs take on. Eventually not many things can make us flinch.

This is what mice are supposed to look like.

That being said, this semester we have had two mice and a bat in the residence hall. I was there for one of the mouse hunts and for the bat chase. I have to laugh at the irony in the bat choosing to fly into our residence hall. This hall was built in the late 1920’s and feels like a cave. Such a jokester bat.

The mouse hunt is what really gets my senses flowing. I seriously had the best time searching for this little rodent. The resident who saw the mouse run across her room… less than excited. I had to dig around in a room with a substantial amount of stuff laying about. This, is the scariest part of mouse hunting. Mice can fit anywhere… anywhere! So when you have no idea what is behind a stack of paper plates, or inside the paper bag… This shit gets nuts. Oh, and after digging and searching so long your mind starts to think that it is seeing something. It’s not. This makes the search much more challenging because you’re constantly whipping your head every direction to make sure it’s not creeping up on you. Because, you knowMice have a mouth like a cactus and only eat RAs…

I’m joking. Please understand that. Sarcasm.

The following is an example of the dialogue occurring during my mouse hunt… This specific set of dialogue repeated about 4 times throughout the evening.

“Shit! there it is!!”–“Where?!”–“There!!!”–“Oh! eeeeeeek!!”–“DAMMIT!”

Eventually we had to call it quits and wait for maintenance to come in and set up a mouse trap.

Question: What animals/insects would you be afraid of encountering on a duty call?

Thought you all might enjoy a story.

<3 Kir

Beggars aren’t Givers


Ad for Treats for Troops

Whats left of the prizes that nobody won… :] shrugs.

Hey all! I hope that your having a good day!

Today I’m gonna tell ya about a program experience that I encountered this weekend!

Each semester we have to do seven events. blarr. Two programs related to social justice/cultural diversity, two social programs, two educational programs and we can choose whatever one we’d like for the last one. This month I chose to do a social justice/cultural diversity program to help another club on campus collect items for an organization called “Treats for Troops“. I planned this program for 6 pm on a Saturday (so that most people would be available). All that the residents would need to do would be to bring one or two items, specified on a list, to give to the “Treats for Troops” drive. I bought a prize basket to give to the person who brought the most stuff. And…this basket stuffed with some pretty nifty dollar items from Target’s dollar section! (glow in the dark slime, animal crackers, glow sticks, candy corn shaped pegboard game and a joke coloring book all wrapped in a bright pink basket!)

Well, anyways I advertised that there would be a prize and that we would have some tantalizing discussions on the troops and what sort of materialistic things they miss most while they are over seas. I thought this might bring people in and get them to give. I was wrong. Two residents showed up; Nobody donated. What is this?

I can have programs where I give food, drinks and prizes to have 20 residents show up. But when I ask my residents to give to a cool program, I get nothin’. Why? Off the top of my head, the best fundraisers are usually penny wars, and that is because it is something mundane that doesn’t take any extra effort of a resident. So how come collection boxes, donation stations and requests for a wee bit of time for a good cause always takes a big ol’ flop!?

My personal theoretical reasons are as follows. (if your offended–sorry, I’m not sorry.)

1. Because college students are lazy.

2. Because college students are selfish.

3. Because college students are poor.

4. Because college students suck.

5. Because college students don’t understand the cause.

So, there you have it. Well, clearly I couldn’t come up with any mind-blowing, never thought of before, reasons… Can you help me? please!

Question of the week: Why don’t you give to a fundraiser/charity/collection/the needy/little children that so desperately need your help…? Leave your answer in a comment!

Tatas for now! (in honor of breast cancer awareness month)

<3 Kir

Roommates, hormones and implosions


Is there a world record for the amount of roommate complaints in one day? By god. I don’t know when to just throw my hands up and say screw it! Are we not old enough to simply work through these problems on our own? well, considering many of our elders have trouble working through their troubles, I’m pretty convinced that this has not much of anything to do with age.  It probably has something to do with an all women’s atmosphere bursting with hormones and crying, arguing and DRAMA. oh the drama. Okay. So she changed her profile picture to one of her and your best friend. NO, the world will not end. Cripes.

Today I basically felt like the hall was going to implode with all the whining and complaining and pure bitter attitudes building within. Luckily it’s still standing, but honestly sometimes I still wonder why we can’t just poop rainbows and play with puppies all the time.

Mediating with roommates when there is a misunderstanding or conflict is actually pretty challenging. It’s hard to sit back and be neutral when there is usually a simple solution. It’s pretty difficult for both roommates to compromise and I find myself resisting a strong urge to yell during these situations. Most of the time conflicts between roommates are because of a misunderstanding that was never cleared up. My advice for these situations is to consider both sides of the situation before entering the mediation session. Try hard to stay neutral and positive while helping them come to their own solutions. And bring candy to sweeten them up! :)

Aside from me dumping some irritation out on you guys, I hope this helps someone, somewhere with something!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!

<3 Kir

The Cupcake Giver


Dear lovely surprise cupcake giving resident of mine,
This day was made complete by your hand. You delivered to my door a gourmet cupcake. Not an ordinary cupcake. A cupcake with the name “Birthday surprise.” It is not my birthday, nor is it a special occasion of any kind. It was an act of pure kindness… or an act of a brown nose. oink. Well, this cupcake was the beast of all the beasty cupcakes. No lie. It had… [ahem. note past tense] a mountain of bright pink colored, vanilla flavored frosting atop a moist miniature cake valley. Were there sprinkles? Duh. All ROY G BIV of them.

Oh sweet mother of all that is holy.

Oh sweet mother of all that is holy.

When I began to inhale this miniature cake, I started by eating the pink mountains. When I was about half way down the mountain, about to suffer from a sugar overload, I decided it was time to explore the valley of white cake. OH. MY. WORD. So good! I loved frosting as a child, but as I’ve grown up I have discovered just how amazing the cake itself actually is. This moment I spent devouring this unbelievably sugary piece of heaven was the same moment I made a huge decision.

I chose to cross a line, fall for the brown nose, and secretly name you… my favorite resident. Bing. Bang. Bung.

Feel free to knock, drop a cupcake off at my door and run away again sometime soon.

That is all.

<3 Kir