Friendship Bracelets and a Lifetime Movie!


Hey y’all,

I hosted another program last week! It turned out really well, regardless of its level of cheesy. For this program I chose to do an all-hall, social event. At my school we have a certain amount of programs we need to plan per month/semester. We also need to host different types of programs like educational, social, community service, etc. So, as I was getting close to the end of the month, I needed one more program…go figure.

HEY! Keep in mind that I go to an all women’s college, so if some of my programs are pretty feminine, you understand why.

My personal estimation of women who enjoy watching lifetime movies is at about 75 percent. NOW, this does not mean that I think all 75 percent enjoy the quality of the movies. Some of them just enjoy to watch lifetime movies to laugh at them. I do not mind the films, but sometimes they do cross a line (like when a girl gets help from her beyond the grave ghost-friend who she killed in a drunk driving accident but then could not remember what happened and wanted to be sure she really did it before going to prison). Yeah. Crossed that line. Anyways, I thought I might get an okay turn out if I turned on Lifetime at the movie start time (Due to copyright we cannot play movies unless they are on TV), and throw out some string and beads.

That is almost all of the work I had to do in order to make a successful program. You honestly just need to know your residents. They had a really good time making bracelets and watching the silly Lifetime movies and laughing together. It was nice to see a variety of girls come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Til we meet again.

<3 Kir


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