Roommates, hormones and implosions


Is there a world record for the amount of roommate complaints in one day? By god. I don’t know when to just throw my hands up and say screw it! Are we not old enough to simply work through these problems on our own? well, considering many of our elders have trouble working through their troubles, I’m pretty convinced that this has not much of anything to do with age.  It probably has something to do with an all women’s atmosphere bursting with hormones and crying, arguing and DRAMA. oh the drama. Okay. So she changed her profile picture to one of her and your best friend. NO, the world will not end. Cripes.

Today I basically felt like the hall was going to implode with all the whining and complaining and pure bitter attitudes building within. Luckily it’s still standing, but honestly sometimes I still wonder why we can’t just poop rainbows and play with puppies all the time.

Mediating with roommates when there is a misunderstanding or conflict is actually pretty challenging. It’s hard to sit back and be neutral when there is usually a simple solution. It’s pretty difficult for both roommates to compromise and I find myself resisting a strong urge to yell during these situations. Most of the time conflicts between roommates are because of a misunderstanding that was never cleared up. My advice for these situations is to consider both sides of the situation before entering the mediation session. Try hard to stay neutral and positive while helping them come to their own solutions. And bring candy to sweeten them up! :)

Aside from me dumping some irritation out on you guys, I hope this helps someone, somewhere with something!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!

<3 Kir

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    • absolutely. Do you know of any specific questions? Cause I’d be pleased as pie to to write a post about the application process and things to do to prepare! It probably would have made it 25 times less stressful if I had a reference like that before jumping into the whole cluster-funk head first! :) Let me know!

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