Beggars aren’t Givers


Ad for Treats for Troops

Whats left of the prizes that nobody won… :] shrugs.

Hey all! I hope that your having a good day!

Today I’m gonna tell ya about a program experience that I encountered this weekend!

Each semester we have to do seven events. blarr. Two programs related to social justice/cultural diversity, two social programs, two educational programs and we can choose whatever one we’d like for the last one. This month I chose to do a social justice/cultural diversity program to help another club on campus collect items for an organization called “Treats for Troops“. I planned this program for 6 pm on a Saturday (so that most people would be available). All that the residents would need to do would be to bring one or two items, specified on a list, to give to the “Treats for Troops” drive. I bought a prize basket to give to the person who brought the most stuff. And…this basket stuffed with some pretty nifty dollar items from Target’s dollar section! (glow in the dark slime, animal crackers, glow sticks, candy corn shaped pegboard game and a joke coloring book all wrapped in a bright pink basket!)

Well, anyways I advertised that there would be a prize and that we would have some tantalizing discussions on the troops and what sort of materialistic things they miss most while they are over seas. I thought this might bring people in and get them to give. I was wrong. Two residents showed up; Nobody donated. What is this?

I can have programs where I give food, drinks and prizes to have 20 residents show up. But when I ask my residents to give to a cool program, I get nothin’. Why? Off the top of my head, the best fundraisers are usually penny wars, and that is because it is something mundane that doesn’t take any extra effort of a resident. So how come collection boxes, donation stations and requests for a wee bit of time for a good cause always takes a big ol’ flop!?

My personal theoretical reasons are as follows. (if your offended–sorry, I’m not sorry.)

1. Because college students are lazy.

2. Because college students are selfish.

3. Because college students are poor.

4. Because college students suck.

5. Because college students don’t understand the cause.

So, there you have it. Well, clearly I couldn’t come up with any mind-blowing, never thought of before, reasons… Can you help me? please!

Question of the week: Why don’t you give to a fundraiser/charity/collection/the needy/little children that so desperately need your help…? Leave your answer in a comment!

Tatas for now! (in honor of breast cancer awareness month)

<3 Kir

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  1. I think you are right when you say they don’t understand the cause, and I suspect many of them are feeling as disoriented as military serving in other countries. I wonder if relating the two groups–college students miss clean laundry & home cooked dinners==military miss clean laundry & home cooked dinners–may help them to connect a little better. Once they make that connection, I believe they will want to help. (Hoping anyway!)

      • In the past, I have found it is never a good idea to offer a prize for donations. Instead, I make sure everyone who donates (no matter how little) knows how important they are and how much they helped the cause. That feeling of being able to help can be addictive, which gets moire donations! Good luck!

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