Two Mice and a Bat


This post, if you couldn’t tell by the title, is about rodents and cave residing animals and unfortunately this fall is crawling with the fuzzy things.

To start off, I would like to explain to those who are less familiar with the RA’s responsibilities, just how broad the list of duties is. Speaking of duty, this is what we call our “on call nights”. The phrase, “I’m on duty” is the most overused phrase in the RA vocabulary. The fantastic part about living inside of my head is listening to my mind say “doooody doody doody”, anytime I hear someone say duty. Tantalizing experience. Let me tell you.

Back on topic! A resident assistant is most often compared to the following positions (list is limited for your sanity): police officer, mother, babysitter, planner, decorator, friend, mediator, mentor, therapist and exterminator. There are so many roles and tasks that RAs take on. Eventually not many things can make us flinch.

This is what mice are supposed to look like.

That being said, this semester we have had two mice and a bat in the residence hall. I was there for one of the mouse hunts and for the bat chase. I have to laugh at the irony in the bat choosing to fly into our residence hall. This hall was built in the late 1920’s and feels like a cave. Such a jokester bat.

The mouse hunt is what really gets my senses flowing. I seriously had the best time searching for this little rodent. The resident who saw the mouse run across her room… less than excited. I had to dig around in a room with a substantial amount of stuff laying about. This, is the scariest part of mouse hunting. Mice can fit anywhere… anywhere! So when you have no idea what is behind a stack of paper plates, or inside the paper bag… This shit gets nuts. Oh, and after digging and searching so long your mind starts to think that it is seeing something. It’s not. This makes the search much more challenging because you’re constantly whipping your head every direction to make sure it’s not creeping up on you. Because, you knowMice have a mouth like a cactus and only eat RAs…

I’m joking. Please understand that. Sarcasm.

The following is an example of the dialogue occurring during my mouse hunt… This specific set of dialogue repeated about 4 times throughout the evening.

“Shit! there it is!!”–“Where?!”–“There!!!”–“Oh! eeeeeeek!!”–“DAMMIT!”

Eventually we had to call it quits and wait for maintenance to come in and set up a mouse trap.

Question: What animals/insects would you be afraid of encountering on a duty call?

Thought you all might enjoy a story.

<3 Kir


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