I Took That Fire Down!


Woah. By far coolest session of RA training thus far! You might be thinking, as many of us have, why after midterms? Why wait til a half of semester’s worth of potential fires has elapsed? Well, people are busy, schedules conflict… everything that we all deal with on a daily basis occurs. But we did it! That is all that matters. Get over it!

We gained quite a bit of  information, like different kinds of fires, different kinds of fire extinguishers, and proper techniques to effectively put out a fire with a five-pound fire extinguisher! Yeeeeha!

Five Pounder!

I was excited at first that we only had to use the five-pound extinguishers. Honestly, each extinguisher looks about 12.5 lbs heavier then it is in reality, and for that reason I wanted the lightest one I could get!

Watching people try to put out their fires with ten pound extinguishers, and fail… Well, it was in that moment that the dark secret of extinguishing… was exposed: the lighter the extinguisher, the less cold, white foam you had to work with. Yikes… do you know what that means? We do not have much upper hand against blazing flames.

I mean since I could see the fire being lit and I was standing with the pin pulled…I took that fire down like a freakin champNot that difficult… 

Then the instructor reminded us that generally in a real fire situation… we don’t have the privilege of knowing that the fire is being lit and us instantly being there ready to put it out… We will most likely run out white stuff before the fire is out. No big deal.

I don’t really have anything to teach you in this post, but I guess if you’re contemplating whether or not to actually attend your fire extinguishing training… Do it!

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”–Daniel J. Boorstin

Thanks for stopping in!

<3 Kir

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