Squirrel Tail Parachutes!


Well, that’s just a fantastic shot.

What’s up guys! Well the 15th of the month has passed, and I have updated my bulletin board once again. Whew. Sorry this post is a little late, but shit happens.

Can you guess what my board is about?

If I could leave it this way, I would!

But I can’t. So I won’t. Each board has to be educational. If you are having a brain fart and need inspiration for a bulletin board I suggest “googling” the month you’re making the board in. For instance, this board was created in October. I googled October and came up with a bunch of different “Awareness Months “. It took me, uh, 12 minutes to find one that suited my quirky personality.

Sneak peak of the corner…

I transferred these die cut leaves from my first board to this second board! Awesome time saver. Also, I tacked ribbon around the edges to cover up my imperfect edges! :)

Squirrel Dude!

This is my friend “Squirrel Dude”. I first introduced him to my floor on my first board. I then decided it was quite necessary to carry him through the semester with us! So, here he is. Coincidentally, my board is about:

Squirrel Awareness Month!


I filled the board with interesting facts! Did you know squirrels use their tails as parachutes if they fall?! Woah baby that is so cool. Right? I have to get me one of those tails. Anyways, I also threw some adorable photos of squirrels up there as well.

Alright. I just wanted to show you all what I’ve been up to! :)

Stay Squirrely.

Praying for Sandy’s victims.

<3 Kir




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  1. He’s adorable! ^__^
    I seem to remember one of the fourth floor RA’s last year (maybe Danielle?) putting up a bulletin aboard about bats.
    Hopefully this doesn’t mean a squirrel infestation is on it’s way.

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