Paranormal Activity 4…


Pooped. My. Pants.

I went to see Paranormal Activity 4 with my friend Becky (girl on left in pic). I’m not sure how she saw the movie when she was using her scarf to blindfold herself. Like that would save her from the demon possessed children. Well, anyways. We were screamin’. 

I do not believe that my residence hall is clear of …spirits. I mean, It’s been around since 1928… Come on. People had to have died here. Students probably brought their demon followers here when they moved in, and it’s just old and creepy. I can’t think of a better place to have a haunting. I am no expert in ghost chasing, I would assume it is similar to storm chasing. Someone spots a funnel cloud; those futuristic vehicles are there! Someone witnesses a creepy happening; ghost chasing people come? Must be. Alright. Basically this post is: me thinking about how bad I wanted to crap my pants on my walk down the long corridor to get to my room, alone.

Our hurr stands on end when we are scurred.

That is all. I just thought that you all should know that I’m shaking in my boots.

Big, tough RA over here!

<3 Kir


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