How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You


Hey you guys!–Goonie reference there.

I just wanted to share with everyone today, one of the simplest, most rewarding things a resident can do for their RA.

Note left for me on my whiteboard!

It’s nothing but a few marks made on a board. It means nothing to a passerby. It was probably an honest but innocent act from the residents… but it has such an impact on the receiving end. It is one of those times that makes you think of all the good that comes from this 24/7, awkward, daunting and sometimes ugly job. I’m so appreciative of all the residents that I get to know through the year. I hope that I make as much a difference in their lives as they make in mine. This helps to solidify my plans for my future.

Bring it on, future student affairs world!

Make a mark on someones day.

<3 Kir



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