A Program That Benefits You?


What type of program does a RA put on that takes little effort?

What type of program does a RA host that many residents show up to?

What type of program does a RA do that is just as beneficial to said RA as it is to residents?

What is the perfect type of program for the end of semester, right before exams?

Ah, I knew that one would make it clear for you. :)

A study session!

Many people need to simply be in the company of others to focus on their work, (ha, yes NOT true for everyone).

One of the simplest programs that RAs can host is a study session. Residents bring their homework and all the RA needs to do is set up the room in little study clusters and buy study snacks(chocolate, fruit, veggies, nuts, juice boxes, water, etc.) if feeling ambitious. I was not. I simply provided the location, set up the room and welcomed everyone to choose an area in the room where they felt most comfortable doing their homework. I know if I had been there for more than 10 minutes, (I was on duty and had to deal with some things), that I would have gotten most of my studying done there. I was very pleased with the turn out.

There is my Kir-tip of the day!

Carry on and study hard.

<3 Kir


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