Hey you guys! :) My name is Kirsten, but I go by Kir (like grrr). It is exciting to write about what I love:  being a resident assistant, being a leader on campus and helping people in any way I can. My hope for this blog is to share with you my experiences as a RA, show you some of my ideas and give a few tips that I’ve found helpful as a leader and RA.

Thats me! I’m a monkey in the jungle!


Background info:

[I attend a small private college with one residence hall  of about 150 residents.]

My freshman year I got involved in my hall council as the activities coordinator. I remained activities coordinator until my junior year when I became vice president. My senior year I was president and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Being involved on hall council was honestly what made my entire college experience worth it. Here’s the kicker, I’m a fifth year senior. So this year I’m a resident assistant. When I received that letter, I nearly pooped my pants for two reasons: 1. I was super excited. 2. I was scared to hell.

Career Goals:

A few years into college I thought,”Seriously KirI cannot be a student forever so figure it out!” And I did. I want to work in student affairs! I will be pursuing a master’s degree in college student personnel next fall! It is important to share my career goals and dreams with you because, hey! this blog will be evolving with me! Clever name, yeah? Kireerjourney ;)

Well I truly hope this blog helps with the many brain farts and door-dec blocks that you experience as a resident assistant and that you feel a little less lost when you leave. 

Guidelines include:

Commenting encouraging, positive and/or polite criticisms.

Not commenting rude, ignorant, and/or arrogant words.

No spam, advertisements, and/or personal attacks.

Also, feel free to like, share and encourage others to visit. And contact me anytime!!


Email me with anything!

kireerjourney (at) gmail (dot) com


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