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Some inside stories, without breaking confidentiality.

Keep Your Head Up…


Oh my. This Saturday is the GRE. Shit. my. pants. With the GRE quickly approaching, final projects just around the corner and the RA lifestyle continuing on… I am neck-deep in things to do. There are only so many hours in a day. I stay up til 3-4 in the morning most days and in turn sleep in til at least noon. This doesn’t leave me much time outside of meetings, classes and work to work on what concerns me most. Maybe my priorities are wrong. Maybe I just need to work on my sleep schedule. Right now, all I need to do is get through this weekend. For the past week or so, no matter what I’m working on, I just keep listening to Ben Howard. All of his music relaxes and inspires me. One song in particular, not only relaxes and inspires me, but is completely relatable: “Keep your head up, keep your heart strong…”  There are so many things to do when you’re a RA and adding all the other things that life throws at you can make you feel like things are actually impossible. Things are not impossible. You just need to find some music that speaks to you and that makes you feel more relaxed while working on tasks that need to be completed.

Keep your heart strong.

<3 Kir



RA conferenced out.


Well. I thought I would update you this evening. We have returned safely from our RA conference. I survived two four-hour car rides, two  presentations, one roll call and several long info sessions all with under 35 minutes of sleep last night! From 3:25 until 4:00 am!

Sometimes I wonder how I do it…. But then I just realize I rarely ever do it, and if I do… it is not gracefully.

This is all that I can manage right now. So, so sleepy.

Ask questions about the conference and how it went and I will respond to them specifically!

Get lots of sleep.

<3 Kir

Hey Did Ya Hear?!


I’m doing NaBloPoMo November 2012! yeeha!

Alright, incase you haven’t the slightest trickle of knowledge as to what I’m talking about, let me tell you.





It’s idea is for bloggers to post once a day (except weekends) for the whole month!

Clearly I’ve slacked this week. But… to make up for it, I will be overloading you with amazing posts this week!

If your interested in finding more out about NaBloPoMo check out Blogher!

 Right now… I will just tell you what I am doing. I am not going to bed tonight because I have to leave at 430 am to drive to a Resident Assistant conference. Yeeha… I’m presenting twice at the conference about my Pinterest Show & Tell program! I have just completed putting together my little prezi for it at about 2:15am. Way to procrastinate, Kir!

Anyways. I thought since I finally got some pics of my Pin It! board, that I would show you those too.

Pin it here, suckas!

Kept available for residents!

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I may or may not die of exhaustion by sunday. :)

Stay pinned.

<3 Kir

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You


Hey you guys!–Goonie reference there.

I just wanted to share with everyone today, one of the simplest, most rewarding things a resident can do for their RA.

Note left for me on my whiteboard!

It’s nothing but a few marks made on a board. It means nothing to a passerby. It was probably an honest but innocent act from the residents… but it has such an impact on the receiving end. It is one of those times that makes you think of all the good that comes from this 24/7, awkward, daunting and sometimes ugly job. I’m so appreciative of all the residents that I get to know through the year. I hope that I make as much a difference in their lives as they make in mine. This helps to solidify my plans for my future.

Bring it on, future student affairs world!

Make a mark on someones day.

<3 Kir


October-1, Kir-0


Alright. I am admitting this: October kicked my ass.

I actually spent about a week total in the month of October feeling extremely down. Like everyone above the age of ten can probably attest to, I have way too much shit floating around in my mind.

I have classes. I have family. I have friends. I have applications. I have the GRE. I have work. I have bills. I have RA duty. I have RA programs. I have RA meetings. I have RA bulletin boards. I have RA door decs. I have no time.

All of these things in October became a little to heavy for me to carry. I didn’t get one of my programs completed in October, so now I have three in November. HA. I thought October was bad. November will be hell. No doubt.

On a brighter note, I thought I would die before making it to November… But I’m still cookin’ with gas!

No matter how difficult and gloomy the future may seem at any given moment…

“Keep your head up, Keep your heart strong.”-Ben Howard

<3 Kir

Duty Cooties


Circle circle dot dot, now I have the cootie shot.–Felt this way when we “equally divided up duty(cooties).”  That is when I thought,

” Okay, I have 5 other RAs splitting duty with me in the hall… not so bad, right?”

Circle circle, square square, now I’ve got ’em everywhere!–Feel this way every time I look at my calendar.  Cooties freaking everywhere. I believe it tends to go a little something like this: I’m on duty on a Tuesday, I survive. I look on my calendar on Wednesday and I’m on duty on Thursday. Then I discover I’m on duty the following Monday and then Thursday again and then I have weekend duty! oh for the love of the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty. It’s like my calendar keeps accumulating cooties and all I want to do is slow down the days in between, you know the ones without the cooties! Uck!

Weekend duty cooties. The worst.

So this last weekend was “Fall Break” at my school. This means that (all) three/four of the Friday classes that we do have… have off and we resume on Monday. Great break, guys. Thanks! So I guess everyone went home this weekend. Maybe just the label, “Fall Break” makes people think its something spectacular unlike the other weekends of the same length. (Except for the three Friday class people). Anyways there was a total of seven open doors, Friday and Saturday combined. This did not make for much social action. :/

I did try to keep myself busy by studying for the GRE. (Congrats to PotentialProf who completed the GRE!) You’ve encouraged me to embrace the exceptionally frightening process! Thanks!

I calculated my pace out to learning 20 vocabulary cards a day until the day of the test (Nov. 17th) to have a word bank stuffed in my noodle, ready to rock and roll the day of the test!

I’ve got a plethora of vocab cards!

I suppose that’s all. Hope I didn’t pass the cooties along to anyone.

Lesson of the day?–Don’t let the cooties get ya down, It’s a job…A job that allows you to study a plethora of things while on duty!

Circle Circle, dot dot now you’ve got the cootie shot. :]

<3 Kir

I Took That Fire Down!


Woah. By far coolest session of RA training thus far! You might be thinking, as many of us have, why after midterms? Why wait til a half of semester’s worth of potential fires has elapsed? Well, people are busy, schedules conflict… everything that we all deal with on a daily basis occurs. But we did it! That is all that matters. Get over it!

We gained quite a bit of  information, like different kinds of fires, different kinds of fire extinguishers, and proper techniques to effectively put out a fire with a five-pound fire extinguisher! Yeeeeha!

Five Pounder!

I was excited at first that we only had to use the five-pound extinguishers. Honestly, each extinguisher looks about 12.5 lbs heavier then it is in reality, and for that reason I wanted the lightest one I could get!

Watching people try to put out their fires with ten pound extinguishers, and fail… Well, it was in that moment that the dark secret of extinguishing… was exposed: the lighter the extinguisher, the less cold, white foam you had to work with. Yikes… do you know what that means? We do not have much upper hand against blazing flames.

I mean since I could see the fire being lit and I was standing with the pin pulled…I took that fire down like a freakin champNot that difficult… 

Then the instructor reminded us that generally in a real fire situation… we don’t have the privilege of knowing that the fire is being lit and us instantly being there ready to put it out… We will most likely run out white stuff before the fire is out. No big deal.

I don’t really have anything to teach you in this post, but I guess if you’re contemplating whether or not to actually attend your fire extinguishing training… Do it!

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”–Daniel J. Boorstin

Thanks for stopping in!

<3 Kir