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5 Forget Me Nots!


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Guess what?

I’m back, and I’m ready to write for you.

I’m quickly going to catch you up on my life and then I will enlighten everyone with 5 magical “Forget me not’s!”

The last time I posted I was studying for the GRE and I was feeling so overwhelmed. That was around Thursday. On Friday I went Christmas shopping after work…Yeah, you read that right. Christmas shopping. No worries though, I only bought one thing. After shopping I stopped home and hung out with my dog (stress relief). I finally got back to school around 9 or 10pm… I don’t even remember! I was going to study before going to bed on Friday because the GRE would be the next day. Ha. That, of course, didn’t happen. I spent time watching YouTube videos with my residents. :) The videos are below for those of you interested in viewing the types of things that consume my attention.

Enjoy those.

I went to bed on Friday later than anyone taking an important test the next day should. But I did it. I took the GRE. I kicked it in the face. It is done and over with. Sunday I hosted a program called The Irish and Peruvian Culture Night, which will be explained in a later post.

Right now I want to share with you 5 things to never forget as a resident assistant even when the semester is coming to a end.

1. Don’t forget you are the RA.–Lately I found myself falling into a routine of hanging out with a few of my residents. I do not think this has caused problems yet. It does seem that some of my residents may not take me as seriously when it comes to my RA duties however, and I think this has a lot to do with the friendships. Another potential negative to being close with my residents is that other residents don’t feel comfortable coming to me.

2. Don’t forget to check up on your residents.–November is a really stressful time in a college student’s life. Exhibit A over here!!!  Not all stress leads to the all mighty, over-diagnosed depression. Stress does however lead to giving up. Residents tend to first give up on school work or social life. It all depends on the resident. Sometimes, they just need to talk it out, complain or simply vent a bit. If I listen close, I can be much more helpful.

3. Don’t forget to be visible.–As a resident assistant and a student I know first hand that things get crazy as the semester goes along. It is easy as a resident assistant to be so stressed to the max myself that I find it difficult to simply go through the motions. It is easy to just do the work for class, program for monthly events and do my RA duty at its minimum. But the most important part of being a resident assistant is to be available with my door open and my mind open to any possible walk ins… 24/7!

4. Don’t forget to host relaxing events.–Big hands on events are great and residents love them! We RAs just need to give the residents and ourselves a break and if this break can count towards our required programs… Why not? I’m planning a study session program next week. It may not be relaxing to be studying for exams, but I hope it helps to pick up the spirits of the residents.

5. Don’t forget to set an example.–All of the above, combined can be beneficial…But while I’m doing these things I have to try to remember to be as positive an example as possible. Most residents are freshman or sophomore students and have a lot of mimicking to do. It’s definitely in the RA job description to set good examples.

Don’t forget.

<3 Kir


Get Up and Vote!


My campus has been buzzing with student groups and organizations that have taken it upon themselves to encourage everyone to vote. Which is great, because Lord knows college students need a kick in the butt to actually do anything.  It is the people who go out of their way to explain to the student groups and organizations why they refuse to vote. I found a blog called Campus Vote Project  that gave some really fantastic examples of reasons students have given during this 2012 race about why they will not vote. Hopefully you have all heard the reasons why you should vote… but if you haven’t:

1. Your vote counts… Right, like you haven’t heard that one before.

2. Do you have an opinion? Then VOTE.

3. Many of the issues will affect college students significantly, that means YOU should vote!

4. It is your right.

5. It is your chance to kick ’em where it counts.

6. Do you care about your Mom? Then VOTE.

7. Are you going to complain about who “wins the race”? Then VOTE.

8. Does healthcare affect you? Then VOTE.

9. There are more than two options for president… Shocked? You can still vote for Roseanne!

10. Dude… you get  a sticker. So VOTE!

If you don’t get it by now, you probably don’t deserve to vote.

<3 Kir

Roommates, hormones and implosions


Is there a world record for the amount of roommate complaints in one day? By god. I don’t know when to just throw my hands up and say screw it! Are we not old enough to simply work through these problems on our own? well, considering many of our elders have trouble working through their troubles, I’m pretty convinced that this has not much of anything to do with age.  It probably has something to do with an all women’s atmosphere bursting with hormones and crying, arguing and DRAMA. oh the drama. Okay. So she changed her profile picture to one of her and your best friend. NO, the world will not end. Cripes.

Today I basically felt like the hall was going to implode with all the whining and complaining and pure bitter attitudes building within. Luckily it’s still standing, but honestly sometimes I still wonder why we can’t just poop rainbows and play with puppies all the time.

Mediating with roommates when there is a misunderstanding or conflict is actually pretty challenging. It’s hard to sit back and be neutral when there is usually a simple solution. It’s pretty difficult for both roommates to compromise and I find myself resisting a strong urge to yell during these situations. Most of the time conflicts between roommates are because of a misunderstanding that was never cleared up. My advice for these situations is to consider both sides of the situation before entering the mediation session. Try hard to stay neutral and positive while helping them come to their own solutions. And bring candy to sweeten them up! :)

Aside from me dumping some irritation out on you guys, I hope this helps someone, somewhere with something!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!

<3 Kir

Gotta get this shit together!


Hey yo,

I was on duty the other night. I had the phone from 7 pm until 7 am the next morning. Not too bad, but the other aspect of being on duty is doing “rounds” at 8 pm, 10 pm, 12 am and 2 am(Fridays and Saturdays).uck.

My Tuesdays look something like this: class 10 am-1115 am, RA staff meeting 12-1 pm, work 1-3 pm, class 3-5 pm. UGH.

Anyways, obviously I would have no time to accomplish anything on Tuesday. Monday rolls around, I’m on duty and I realize I have a project due Tuesday at 3. SHIT.

This is the worst feeling in the world. I tried with every ounce of me to do this project, but every time I start to get into doing a chunk of my project, it is time to get up and do rounds again. Walking through the entire residence hall takes about a half an hour, so each time I come back to sit down I have an hour and a half  to get back in the groove before getting back up and doing another round.

I suppose you could call that my “I can’t take it anymore” face.

It was the first and last time I will ever let this happen. I did not go to bed until 3, and when I did go to bed it was not because I had finished my work. told myself I’d get up at 7 to work on it and get it done. HA. Did not happen.

Keep in mind I’m suffering from a severe case of 5th year senioritis.

I ended up going to class to present off the top of my head and handed in the paper later that evening after class. Good work Kir.

My suggestion for all RAs: Have one calendar with both duty shifts and major assignment due dates in it. Make sure you check that calendar and pay attention to whether or not the two will overlap! It will honestly save your mind from so much frustration.

That is all.

Do Good.

<3 Kir

Resident’s Guide: What NOT to do


Hey fellow res-lifers,

I suppose I need to get a few things off my chest about what really irritates the bodily fluids out of me. There are certain things that residents do, that just should not be done. Some are from a fed up neighbor perspective as others are straight from the RA perspective. Oh. And for those residents/non-RAs reading this, RA’s are most likely fed up with a lot more than you possibly know. Don’t get me wrong. Most of us truly love our job and the rewarding things that come with it, but honestly the things people do… I’m sure you will all get plenty of stories along the way, but I will start with a simple, What not to do list.

1. Do not gather together in the quiet wing and cackle about your ex boyfriend’s man-boobs. We do not want to hear it, and it’s a quiet wing for a freaking reason.

2. Do not beat the poor innocent door’s push bar when exiting the hall. Again, we do not want to hear it. The door doesn’t want to feel it, and it’s really not necessary. The door will open when pushed lightly. I promise.

3. Do not let your lack of hygiene, laundry, and overall cleanliness go to the point of odor travelling down the entire corridor. Believe me when I say this, we do not want to smell it. Girl, you don’t even want to smell it. Oh, and it’s a real awkward conversation for staff member and a resident to have.

4. Do not bring up politics and religion at every meal. People won’t sit with you.

5. Do not practice Irish jigs or basketball dribbling when you live on any level above the 1st floor. It’s rude and we do not want to hear it.

I don’t know if you can tell but I hate noise.

6. Do not rely on your roommate to wake you up for class. She is not your mom, she did not sign up to pretend to be your mom and she has her own self to worry about.

7. Do not throw your trash in the kitchen waste basket. The garbage room is about 30 extra steps, and it is simply polite to keep your tampons out of the kitchen trash.

8. If you see an open window when you are walking around the outside of the residence hall please do not proceed to egg it. College students are supposed to be adults.

9. No. Why would you ever think it is ok to sit in the computer lab while the fire alarms are going off? Are you going to blame the school when you get burned in a fire too?

10. A fire hose closet and a fire exit stairwell are two silly places to store 4 bed frames and a dresser. Don’t store things in places that are supposed to save our lives someday. I’d like to live, thanks.

Don’t do it.

<3 Kir