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A Program That Benefits You?


What type of program does a RA put on that takes little effort?

What type of program does a RA host that many residents show up to?

What type of program does a RA do that is just as beneficial to said RA as it is to residents?

What is the perfect type of program for the end of semester, right before exams?

Ah, I knew that one would make it clear for you. :)

A study session!

Many people need to simply be in the company of others to focus on their work, (ha, yes NOT true for everyone).

One of the simplest programs that RAs can host is a study session. Residents bring their homework and all the RA needs to do is set up the room in little study clusters and buy study snacks(chocolate, fruit, veggies, nuts, juice boxes, water, etc.) if feeling ambitious. I was not. I simply provided the location, set up the room and welcomed everyone to choose an area in the room where they felt most comfortable doing their homework. I know if I had been there for more than 10 minutes, (I was on duty and had to deal with some things), that I would have gotten most of my studying done there. I was very pleased with the turn out.

There is my Kir-tip of the day!

Carry on and study hard.

<3 Kir


October-1, Kir-0


Alright. I am admitting this: October kicked my ass.

I actually spent about a week total in the month of October feeling extremely down. Like everyone above the age of ten can probably attest to, I have way too much shit floating around in my mind.

I have classes. I have family. I have friends. I have applications. I have the GRE. I have work. I have bills. I have RA duty. I have RA programs. I have RA meetings. I have RA bulletin boards. I have RA door decs. I have no time.

All of these things in October became a little to heavy for me to carry. I didn’t get one of my programs completed in October, so now I have three in November. HA. I thought October was bad. November will be hell. No doubt.

On a brighter note, I thought I would die before making it to November… But I’m still cookin’ with gas!

No matter how difficult and gloomy the future may seem at any given moment…

“Keep your head up, Keep your heart strong.”-Ben Howard

<3 Kir

Beggars aren’t Givers


Ad for Treats for Troops

Whats left of the prizes that nobody won… :] shrugs.

Hey all! I hope that your having a good day!

Today I’m gonna tell ya about a program experience that I encountered this weekend!

Each semester we have to do seven events. blarr. Two programs related to social justice/cultural diversity, two social programs, two educational programs and we can choose whatever one we’d like for the last one. This month I chose to do a social justice/cultural diversity program to help another club on campus collect items for an organization called “Treats for Troops“. I planned this program for 6 pm on a Saturday (so that most people would be available). All that the residents would need to do would be to bring one or two items, specified on a list, to give to the “Treats for Troops” drive. I bought a prize basket to give to the person who brought the most stuff. And let.me.tell.you…this basket stuffed with some pretty nifty dollar items from Target’s dollar section! (glow in the dark slime, animal crackers, glow sticks, candy corn shaped pegboard game and a joke coloring book all wrapped in a bright pink basket!)

Well, anyways I advertised that there would be a prize and that we would have some tantalizing discussions on the troops and what sort of materialistic things they miss most while they are over seas. I thought this might bring people in and get them to give. I was wrong. Two residents showed up; Nobody donated. What is this?

I can have programs where I give food, drinks and prizes to have 20 residents show up. But when I ask my residents to give to a cool program, I get nothin’. Why? Off the top of my head, the best fundraisers are usually penny wars, and that is because it is something mundane that doesn’t take any extra effort of a resident. So how come collection boxes, donation stations and requests for a wee bit of time for a good cause always takes a big ol’ flop!?

My personal theoretical reasons are as follows. (if your offended–sorry, I’m not sorry.)

1. Because college students are lazy.

2. Because college students are selfish.

3. Because college students are poor.

4. Because college students suck.

5. Because college students don’t understand the cause.

So, there you have it. Well, clearly I couldn’t come up with any mind-blowing, never thought of before, reasons… Can you help me? please!

Question of the week: Why don’t you give to a fundraiser/charity/collection/the needy/little children that so desperately need your help…? Leave your answer in a comment!

Tatas for now! (in honor of breast cancer awareness month)

<3 Kir

The Cupcake Giver


Dear lovely surprise cupcake giving resident of mine,
This day was made complete by your hand. You delivered to my door a gourmet cupcake. Not an ordinary cupcake. A cupcake with the name “Birthday surprise.” It is not my birthday, nor is it a special occasion of any kind. It was an act of pure kindness… or an act of a brown nose. oink. Well, this cupcake was the beast of all the beasty cupcakes. No lie. It had… [ahem. note past tense] a mountain of bright pink colored, vanilla flavored frosting atop a moist miniature cake valley. Were there sprinkles? Duh. All ROY G BIV of them.

Oh sweet mother of all that is holy.

Oh sweet mother of all that is holy.

When I began to inhale this miniature cake, I started by eating the pink mountains. When I was about half way down the mountain, about to suffer from a sugar overload, I decided it was time to explore the valley of white cake. OH. MY. WORD. So good! I loved frosting as a child, but as I’ve grown up I have discovered just how amazing the cake itself actually is. This moment I spent devouring this unbelievably sugary piece of heaven was the same moment I made a huge decision.

I chose to cross a line, fall for the brown nose, and secretly name you… my favorite resident. Bing. Bang. Bung.

Feel free to knock, drop a cupcake off at my door and run away again sometime soon.

That is all.

<3 Kir

Friendship Bracelets and a Lifetime Movie!


Hey y’all,

I hosted another program last week! It turned out really well, regardless of its level of cheesy. For this program I chose to do an all-hall, social event. At my school we have a certain amount of programs we need to plan per month/semester. We also need to host different types of programs like educational, social, community service, etc. So, as I was getting close to the end of the month, I needed one more program…go figure.

HEY! Keep in mind that I go to an all women’s college, so if some of my programs are pretty feminine, you understand why.

My personal estimation of women who enjoy watching lifetime movies is at about 75 percent. NOW, this does not mean that I think all 75 percent enjoy the quality of the movies. Some of them just enjoy to watch lifetime movies to laugh at them. I do not mind the films, but sometimes they do cross a line (like when a girl gets help from her beyond the grave ghost-friend who she killed in a drunk driving accident but then could not remember what happened and wanted to be sure she really did it before going to prison). Yeah. Crossed that line. Anyways, I thought I might get an okay turn out if I turned on Lifetime at the movie start time (Due to copyright we cannot play movies unless they are on TV), and throw out some string and beads.

That is almost all of the work I had to do in order to make a successful program. You honestly just need to know your residents. They had a really good time making bracelets and watching the silly Lifetime movies and laughing together. It was nice to see a variety of girls come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Til we meet again.

<3 Kir

Pinterest Show and Tell!


Hey guys!

So, I am pretty pumped about my semester long program that I have planned for this fall. Right. Semester long. Fantastic. Well aside from gluing myself to the same place every other Thursday for the next three and a half months… it will be a really fun program! For real, it will be great.

I call this, ongoing seemingly never-ending however exceptionally awesome, event…(drum roll please)… Pinterest Show and Tell!

Alright, so because Pinterest is a website that has recently become the equivalent to freaking sliced bread, I will clarify what it is before those of you, who have not heard of it, are completely confused by the gibberish I will be throwing at you.

Pinterest is a website that people can use like a bulletin board. Users choose which categories of pin boards they want and browse through Pinterest and other websites to pin things and ideas that they want to remember or try. Sigh. You get the idea.

So the way I set this program up seems to be working really well. I gave each Thursday a category from the Pinterest website, such as: Health & Fitness, Humor, Hair & Beauty, Celebrities, Fashion, Food & Drink… you get it, I know. You can pick the ones that suit your residents best, because I am pretty sure that almost all male res-halls wouldn’t want to have a hair and beauty night. But hey, you never do know…

Onward. At every Pinterest Show and Tell the residents bring a pin that they found on Pinterest. Genius, right? If a few of the residents don’t have a Pinterest account you can have them bring in their own ideas they found on the internet or they can just come and learn from their neighbors! I host this event in one of our smaller lounges in the hall and have everyone sit in a circle. More cozy that way. Then we go around the circle and share what we brought. It’s most exciting on the Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty, or even Health & Fitness day because the things people bring to share are more hands on or yummy!

The one Pinterest Show and Tell event I had so far was Health & Fitness and oh man, it was fun! We all brought in exercises and workouts to share with the group. The best part was watching everyone try to do all the moves, especially me. I think people will come to the next one just to see me try to do something… I’m not the smoothest of criminals.

The last part of the event is a “Pin It!” board. I hung a big piece of yellow butcher paper with the words “Pin It!” in red outside of the lounge where I host the event.I have all the pins that residents bring posted there for everyone to check out!

Well that’s about all I have for you today. Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions, or especially if you try it out!

Thanks for stopping by… Hope I didn’t scare you away!

<3 Kir