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Get Up and Vote!


My campus has been buzzing with student groups and organizations that have taken it upon themselves to encourage everyone to vote. Which is great, because Lord knows college students need a kick in the butt to actually do anything.  It is the people who go out of their way to explain to the student groups and organizations why they refuse to vote. I found a blog called Campus Vote Project  that gave some really fantastic examples of reasons students have given during this 2012 race about why they will not vote. Hopefully you have all heard the reasons why you should vote… but if you haven’t:

1. Your vote counts… Right, like you haven’t heard that one before.

2. Do you have an opinion? Then VOTE.

3. Many of the issues will affect college students significantly, that means YOU should vote!

4. It is your right.

5. It is your chance to kick ’em where it counts.

6. Do you care about your Mom? Then VOTE.

7. Are you going to complain about who “wins the race”? Then VOTE.

8. Does healthcare affect you? Then VOTE.

9. There are more than two options for president… Shocked? You can still vote for Roseanne!

10. Dude… you get  a sticker. So VOTE!

If you don’t get it by now, you probably don’t deserve to vote.

<3 Kir


The Cupcake Giver


Dear lovely surprise cupcake giving resident of mine,
This day was made complete by your hand. You delivered to my door a gourmet cupcake. Not an ordinary cupcake. A cupcake with the name “Birthday surprise.” It is not my birthday, nor is it a special occasion of any kind. It was an act of pure kindness… or an act of a brown nose. oink. Well, this cupcake was the beast of all the beasty cupcakes. No lie. It had… [ahem. note past tense] a mountain of bright pink colored, vanilla flavored frosting atop a moist miniature cake valley. Were there sprinkles? Duh. All ROY G BIV of them.

Oh sweet mother of all that is holy.

Oh sweet mother of all that is holy.

When I began to inhale this miniature cake, I started by eating the pink mountains. When I was about half way down the mountain, about to suffer from a sugar overload, I decided it was time to explore the valley of white cake. OH. MY. WORD. So good! I loved frosting as a child, but as I’ve grown up I have discovered just how amazing the cake itself actually is. This moment I spent devouring this unbelievably sugary piece of heaven was the same moment I made a huge decision.

I chose to cross a line, fall for the brown nose, and secretly name you… my favorite resident. Bing. Bang. Bung.

Feel free to knock, drop a cupcake off at my door and run away again sometime soon.

That is all.

<3 Kir